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You have several options when considering delivery of your new Pride or Golden lift chair.

Your first option is at no additional charge to you. Like MOST INTERNET PROVIDERS of Pride lift chairs; we pay the manufacturer for STANDARD delivery. This means a truck line will deliver "curbside" to your home and in SOME CASES will attempt to pass your liftchair through one door. In MANY CASES, the truck driver will help an able bodied person get the chair into your home.

Most customers then unbox the chair and install the battery backup themselves.

Your 2nd option provides for Inside delivery.  The cost for this service is 35.72 (Pride) and Free (Golden).   The trucking company will deliver your lift chair in its box directly into your home and pass the chair box through one door. The door must be 36" wide and have unobstructed, straight through access. Because a single driver will perform the delivery, 2nd floor deliveries are only possible if there is an elevator.

Your 3rd option (Pride Lift chairs only) provides for "In-Home Delivery" and "Setup" service . The cost for this service is $166.67.  After your chair has shipped you will be provided with the contact information for an in-home set up technician. Once your chair has been delivered inside your home by the shipping company you may contact the technician and arrange to have the technician unbox your chair, install the battery backup and position the chair where you want it.

Your 4th option guarantees delivery and setup, in your home. The charge for this service starts at $250.  4 lift chairs will have your chair delivered by a 2 person "White-Glove" Setup Team. Your lift chair is guaranteed to be delivered into any room of your home, unboxed and setup.  PLEASE ALLOW AN ADDITIONAL 7 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS FOR DELIVERY

Your liftchair will come with a one-year in-home factory authorized warranty for both parts and labor provided by the manufacturer.

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