Holiday Specials

Custom Built Chairs

Welcome to our Custom Built section. We can build lift chairs to almost anyone's personal requirements. Just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in achieving that perfect chair.

(22" Wide)
The standard width of our 501 large recliner is 23" Wide. (Seat width between arms). You may order a SMALL or MEDIUM 22" Wide.

26" Width... Call for Details
28" Width... Call for Details


(Floor to top of seat)
The standard height on the PR - 501. Small Recliners are 17". You may also lower any other sizes. (Call for details)


You can order any Recliner with a 1" or 2" higher seat. (You can also raise any Recliner " by raising the two front levelers on the bottom front of the chair.) IMPORTANT... DELIVERY HELP SHOULD BE INSTRUCTED TO LEVEL CHAIR WITH LEVELERS BEFORE LEAVING RESIDENCE, AS CHAIR AND MECHANISM WORK SMOOTHER AND LONGER WITHOUT EXCESSIVE WEAR AND NOISE WHEN CHAIR SITS LEVEL.


(Seat front to back)
Small 17" ...Medium 21" ...Large 22" ...Tall 24". You can shorten and lengthen the seat depth of any Recliner
You can shorten a Medium 21" to a 19" depth
You can lengthen a Small 17" to a 19" depth
You can lengthen a Medium 21" to a 22" depth


(Top of seat to top of back)
Small 26" ...Medium 28" ...Large 30" ...Tall 32". You can orger any size made either 2" higher or lower
You can raise a Small 26" to a 28" height
You can lower a Large 30" to a 28" height


  • Can 1 move the hand control from the right to the left? YES
  • Does the footrest move independently? NO
  • Can we put a two motor frame in any chair? NO
  • Can we build a chair for clients over 400lbs? YES
  • Can we order chairs with solid foam or soft fiber backs? YES